Nathalie Mace Designer

A native of Montreal , determined woman , passionate fashion business has always been , it is abreast of the latest trends in jewelry. It advocates the classic style of the great houses of fashion , Chanel , Givenchy, YSL , Gucci and many others are inspired to this day.

Grace , femininity, will be his biggest inspiration.

When she creates , she models that inspire beauty , the Audrey Hepburn , Jacqueline Bisset, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor , Grace of Monaco , Marilyn Monroe and other famous women who have marked the history of cinema or magazine pages . Not to mention the Quebec woman model of success and perseverance as ; great Andrée Lachapelle without forgetting Lise Watier . Their talents, personalities and will remain a great inspiration for unique and exclusive collections of Thaly Design .

For Nathalie Mace, the definition of femininity is all about wellness ! Good about yourself and especially a woman assumes its differences, because it is this beauty! Pure femininity can also be the designer represented by a simple look, a little casual for the day, jeans, white blouse immaculate , impeccable hair and mostly completed by a jewelry that will set the tone of the day!

Sometimes a simple bracelet, necklace and earrings will refine an old jeans is not it ? I like to wear jewelry for the energy it brings , women generally like to wear jewelery to enhance and even restore confidence ! It feels even more beautiful and woman!

For more glamorous occasions she has very specific ideas and collections are pure gems.

Nathalie Mace is sparkling like champagne , it bites into life and it never ceases to enjoy life ! It seems from the first moment we met her ! She exudes a passion and this is felt in his creations. It creates initially for his personal tastes, because it is not what she really likes !

So she created for her friends , her family and began his career as an artist jewelry designer in her home and discovers that she wants to do his job .

She has a dream to be put on the market several international collections that meet its criteria and its originality , its quality, color choices allow it to stand .

Nathalie Mace clings to his dream, his quest for perfection, thoroughness , his artistry , creativity and perseverance will allow him to start his own collection under the name Thaly Design .

Discover the 14 collections Thaly Design :


Each collection is distinctive , with a choice of ten colors crystal collection ever ! Discover Thaly Design adopt his style!

Source : Double V Communication