Thaly Design at the hotel Le Bonne Entente

June 5, 2014




Le Bonne Entente hotel
3400, Sainte-Foy road, Quebec

Cocktails and appetizers will be served
Rsvp; before May 30, 2014


Yanina Wilson
Double V Communication

Private Event

May 1st 2014

necklaces Hand & necklaces Display jewelry, necklaces, bracelets
3 women admiring the jewelry collection Brace two women Two women show components for jewelry

Just cover your jewelry THALY DESIGN and enjoy the pre-launch in Quebec May 1st, 2014


Private room at the restaurant-club Montego, Sillery



Come meet the designer Nathalie Macé
rsvp; before April 24, 2014

Yanina Wilson – 418 802-2823
Double V Communication

Cocktail Party

Montreal - Outremont
April 17, 2014

Cocktail party Natalie Macé Yanina Wilson, Natalie Macé

Montreal launch of Thaly Design Laurier Street to launch the spring summer 2014 collections Thaly Design.

Nathalie Macé designer, Yanina Wilson Double V Communication
Benjamin Forté, FD Canada


29 March 30, 2014
Château Montebello, Ottawa

150 business women are given an appointment for a weekend of activities massage, makeup, outdoor activities, good grub and Thaly Design will be on hand to present his spring-summer 2014 collections

Metting with Nathalie Mace

I met Nathalie Mace of Thaly Design for a contract photo. From the outset we heard well. Tiny woman but with incredible willpower, perseverance unusual, a vision of life and people, talent sturdy on his creations. Everything she touches, his choice of stones, the colors, wrist, finger or neck sparkle. It creates all day and sometimes late at night... she follows her instinct. She bites in life, nothing is left to chance and advance all costs and pitfalls are another way for her to go further, higher, one more reason to move forward. Wear his creations is a pleasure at all times, because its collections allow you to choose depending on the time, according to his tastes and choice of clothing. The texture of the stones and their meanings are as selection criteria that meet the emotions of the moment and the choice of clothing. Know jewelry, wear it feel all the love she has for every piece they creates.

Joanne Vincent